We are aware that the desire to do our best, to be better musicians and to progress, can start to feel like pressure. We are committed to making learning challenging without feeling pressurised; we want our musicians to progress and develop at a pace that is appropriate to them.

We know that respecting the richness and uniqueness of every musician’s identity is essential to providing an environment where young musicians thrive and develop their musical skills whilst maintaining a focus on their health and wellbeing, We create a nurturing, participant-focussed, environment where we allow our young musicians to express their individuality and be respected for who they are as a person as much as a musician. When you join NYJO we will find out about you: your needs, abilities, and aspirations, and then we’ll work with you to help you to navigate any obstacles or barriers so that you can achieve your goals.


Equality of Access


We know that certain people have not been given equal access to music education and music-making opportunities – this includes female young musicians, young musicians who identify as LGBTQ+ and non-binary, young people with SEND/additional needs, young Black, Brown musicians and those from diverse ethnicities, and musicians from lower income families. We will actively seek to redress this lack of opportunity by creating fair access, varied entry points for our programmes and a safe, respectful environment for everyone.




We rely on your collective expertise and experience to make NYJO successful, so we actively welcome your feedback on the work that we do, and how we do it. We hope that you will generally feel encouraged and comfortable to share your feedback with us, but we acknowledge that some conversations are less easy. We have therefore established a means of you giving anonymous feedback here.

Your feedback could be about anything that affects you at NYJO: the music you play, schedules, how you could be better supported etc – anything you think it would be useful for us to hear about. Messages left at the above link can only be accessed by Susie York Skinner (CEO) and Vikki Maudave (Head of Learning) and will of course be treated in confidence.

Report a concern

At NYJO, we want everyone to feel welcome, safe and that their identity and individuality is fully respected.

It is never okay for a member of the NYJO team (band member, staff, artists, educators or young people) to be treated in a way that has made them feel uncomfortable, uneasy, disrespected, or fearful. We believe that bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct are unacceptable, and we will do our best to ensure it has no presence in our organisation.

If you are worried about any incident, you should record the details on this form which upon submission will reach the Designated Safeguarding Officer and Chief Executive. These reports can be done anonymously, will not reflect on you as a member of this organisation and will be followed up on with as much care as possible.

Report a concern

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