NYJO exists to empower young jazz musicians and inspire audiences across the UK through engaging participation projects and impactful live performances.

NYJO has grown from a single jazz orchestra to a multifaceted organisation that is committed to supporting and developing musicians of all styles and standards.

Whether you want to become the next emerging artist or simply play for fun – we’re here for it.

What’s on

NYJO Presents: Big Band Seasonal Favourites

NYJO Presents: Big Band Seasonal Favourites

Event date - December 13, 2023

Locationvenue - Woolwich Works, London

Join NYJO for a festive set, filled with Big Band Christmas classics and more. Tell me more

NYJO Presents: Big Band Seasonal Favourites

NYJO Presents: Big Band Seasonal Favourites

Event date - December 13, 2023

Locationvenue - Woolwich Works, London

Join NYJO for a festive set, filled with Big Band Christmas classics and more. Read more

NYJO Learning

NYJO Learning nurtures young musicians through high quality workshops, courses and performance opportunities. We value access, inclusivity and progress at all levels and believe in harnessing the power of musical participation as a tool for personal growth.


NYJO Wintery Picks 2023

NYJO Wintery Picks 2023

We asked NYJO staff, board, and musicians for their favourite seasonal music   In what is now a long-standing tradition, we have created a playlist with the favourite seasonal music of the extended NYJO ... Read more

NYJO Learning: First Time Jazz

NYJO Learning: First Time Jazz

Read all about our first-access Learning project, touring secondary schools in North Lincolnshire and Thurrock. Read more

Andy Grappy joins the NYJO Board

Andy Grappy joins the NYJO Board

Tuba player and inspirational jazz educator Andy Grappy has joined the NYJO Board. Read more about Andy's experience and what he brings to NYJO. Read more

Lucy-Anne (EP quote)

“Since joining NYJO, I’m so much more confident as a performer. Especially in terms of being able to entertain and keep the crowd engaged with you. It’s really nice to be able to feel that difference.” 

Lucy-Anne, NYJO Emerging Professional (Vocals)

Georgia (EP quote)

“It’s hard to just learn this music in the practice room but being immersed in the music at NYJO is a great environment to really push my playing. ” 

Georgia Ayew, NYJO Emerging Professional (Drums)

Sam Eastmond (MD quote)

“Giving them space to create whatever they wanted, without setting parameters of idiom or style helped them to conceptualise how they could bring these new concepts into their work without scaring them off, or mystifying the process.”

Sam Eastmond, NYJO Educator

Jazzwise quote

“NYJO has never been conformist, never hewing to one particular line, never known for fawning replications and very deliberately these days a vehicle for new possibilities.”

Jazzwise Magazine

Lydia (EP quote)

“The past year has been an absolutely incredible experience, pushing me way out of my comfort zone into playing with some of the greatest young jazz players of my generation and getting to call them my colleagues and friends has been beyond inspiring, and also an obscene amount of fun!”

Lydia Cochrane, NYJO Emerging Professional (Saxophone)

Anna (Learning national quote)

“[The NYJO residential in Cumbria] helped me to make friends with other young musicians. I enjoy playing a lot more and I’m quite proud of what I’ve accomplished. I feel more confident now. I have learnt different ways of coming up with solid melodies and also a little bit on harmonies. I think it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Anna, NYJO Learning Widening Access participant

Briony (Learning U18s quote)

“I’ve felt very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing musicians, and I think that the environment at NYJO – which has fostered creativity and improvisation – has allowed my confidence and musical ideas to grow.”

Briony, NYJO Under 18s

Oscar (Learning U18s quote)

“I think I’ve progressed a lot in my piano-playing. NYJO has helped me to flourish and really enjoy it. I’ve really enjoyed being engrossed in a high level of playing and learning things in a hands-on-way. I also like the diversity of perspectives and abilities of all the players and teachers which enables me to try things I might not normally.”

Oscar, NYJO Under 18s

Jennie (Learning U18s quote)

“NYJO has got me listening to more jazz and learning more changes. It has also helped with working as a band. I’ve really enjoyed the free jazz, learning by ear, the people, and the atmosphere.”

Jennie, NYJO Under 18s

Leah-Anais (Learning U18s quote)

“I love the people at NYJO. Everyone here is so encouraging and lovely and it makes the experience worthwhile. Though I have fun I’m still learning on the way which makes me feel productive too.”

Leah-Anais, NYJO Under 18s

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