Schools’ Workshops with NYJO

The National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for schools: heavily subsidized workshops designed to immerse students in the vibrant world of Jazz. Through these workshops, students will have the unique chance to collaborate with composers, delve into the art of improvisation, and experience the joy of playing together in a dynamic ensemble setting.

Through guided exercises and interactive sessions, students will learn how to think on their feet, express themselves freely through music, and develop their improvisational skills in a supportive environment.

Playing together in an ensemble is another key aspect of the workshop experience. Students will be able to collaborate with their peers, learn to listen, communicate, and synchronize their playing to create cohesive and captivating performances.

In addition to the workshops, we’re excited to introduce our new online learning resource, +You which will serve as a valuable tool for students to continue their musical journey beyond the workshop sessions.

Packed with educational materials, tutorials and exercises, this resource will empower students to further explore Jazz at their own pace.

+You is an excellent tool for bandleaders teaching GCSE and/or A level Music groups that have Jazz as a component. The music library will give students an opportunity to explore new repertoire and expand their knowledge beyond the standards.

About NYJO

NYJO exists to empower young jazz musicians and inspire audiences across the UK, through engaging participation projects and impactful live performances. Founded in 1965, NYJO has grown from a single jazz orchestra to a multifaceted organisation that is committed to supporting and developing musicians of all styles and standards. Whether you want to become the next emerging artist or simply play for fun – we’re here for it.

NYJO Learning programmes nurture young musicians through high quality workshops, courses and gigs. We value access, inclusivity and progress at all levels and believe in the power of musical participation as a tool for personal growth. We run weekly workshops at our home at Woolwich Works, an arts venue in South East London. We also work around the country with Music Services, Hubs, Schools to widen access to music education opportunities.

Contact details

Kenyah Johnson | Programmes Coordinator | [email protected]