How can I take part?

NYJO offers a range of paid opportunities for emerging professional musicians, composers and arrangers aged 18-25.

If you’re interested in joining NYJO and performing with us, there are a number of ways that you can get in touch and let us know about you, about yourself as an artist, the playing that you’ve done to date and the opportunities that you’re looking for.

We’re keen to hear something of your playing or to read about the performing you’ve done so far, but also to learn about you, so a combination of some performing and something descriptive create an ideal introduction. When we’ve had chance to review your materials (please allow up to 2 weeks), we will contact you to discuss how you would be most comfortable taking this forward, whether that’s with an in-person audition, a formal video submission, a trial session, sitting-in on a rehearsal or visiting us to see us in action. We’ll talk to you about what works best for you and when the next opportunities are – we can’t wait to hear you! 

Submit a Video

Ideally we’d like this to be 3-5 minutes long, it would be great to include at least two different styles of jazz and if you feel comfortable doing so, do speak to us too to give us a bit more background information. Your submission could be created just for us, or could be two short videos of existing performances, as you prefer. It doesn’t need to be a professionally produced film, it shouldn’t be highly edited – something simple that gives us an insight into your playing and musicianship is all we need.


Audio Submissions

As with the video, ideally this should be 3-5 minutes long, or a couple of shorter clips, showcasing at least two different styles of playing. It can be created specifically for this purpose, or could be recent existing footage, as you prefer.
We don’t necessarily need audio and video, but if you have both a video and a nicely-mixed audio track of the same recording, do send it over.


Email Us

You can email Mark Armstrong, Artistic Director to ask about forthcoming auditions, trials, sit-ins and open days. It’s always helpful if you can tell us about the performing you’ve done so far, about the music that interests you, where you’re based and your current occupation/education level – tell us anything that you think is of interest!


Call Us

You can reach the office on 0330 500 2000 to talk about the opportunities available – ask to speak to Mark Armstrong, Artistic Director in the first instance.


On the one hand there is the pop appeal of Amy Winehouse, the hugely contrasting avant side as exemplified by the concerts playing the music of John Zorn, and then there’s the recent collaboration with the great Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal. This new exposure passes the baton to generations still further on.

Steven Graham, Founding editor of Jazzwise

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